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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2012 3:30am-4:00am PST

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fault prop k turned toxic. rifkin when he watches the tape, create a lot of good will. >> can i ask carl a question? >> sure. >> carl, do you mind? sure. >> i listened very closely to everything you say. you've always been helpful in educating me on these issues from the medallion holders' perspective. i have two aquae and may have more for you before the next meeting. the last time you were speaking to us about this issue, i think you urged us to consider having the transition program cover 200, up to 200 on the list. i hear you today to 300. is there a reason for that or -- just upon reflection and looking at the money, the fact that you alone have $100 million coming on the surrender program. i just know the people -- the thing is -- >> understood. i want to say this. i know the people who are involved in who are in that last shes of 150.
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and they really thought that they were going to get a medallion late in their career and prop k got really toxic, you know, people would dwelt the medallion and crashing cabs because they were too old to drive, et cetera. no exit strategy. the more i looked at it, so, upon reflection i think it's a better deal. and i think you're going to get plenty of money even if you do this. >> okay. and then i'll ask for a specific answer on this otherwise tom will come over here and hit me with his gavel. thank you. can you give us an idea, generally and if you don't know then you can get back to us. but someone who is number 100 on the waiting list, how long they have been working towards it? number 200 and number 300. i would say that -- and taxi services can answer this by looking at their computer. but 100 probably 15 or 16 years and 200, close to the same thing. i mean, the list moves very slowly. >> gotcha. it probably takes -- well,
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anyway, i think the system is changing. >> thank you, mr. murdo. >> last speaker, barry corn gold. >> good afternoon, mr. corn gold. good afternoon. i'm actually here to bring up a different subject besides telling you how wrong i feel it is you're taking what career cab drivers have looked forward to their whole career and stayed in the industry for, you know, to only advancement cab driver real hayes to look forward to at the end of their career and you guys are taking it to fill your deficit that the cab drivers have nothing to do with. and also i will say that the latest proposed plan will bring this up again next week or next time, but why not -- why are you making the very first people on the list pay 150,000 for it? i know somebody who is 6, number 6 on the list, was hoping to get an earned medallion and now they have to come up with 150,000. that's, you know, cruel.
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anyhow, could i get the screen on here? there's something i wanted to point out on the overhead. >> sfgtv. >> you got it, barry. i wanted to point out on divisadero and some other streets how ridiculous this is that you have these plants right in the divider. if you're making a left turn, you can't see the oncoming traffic, what a dangerous situation this causes. it's not the greatest picture, but -- and these cars are moving slowly. at night they move much quicker and it's very, very dangerous to turn left here. something should be done immediately about this. it's a very dangerous situation. >> your point is you can't see the -- oncoming traffic, yes. turning left you can't see traffic coming toward you. >> thank you, mr. corn gold. and i've seen a motorcycle get hit trying to cross van ness where there was a situation like that and got t-boned. >> thank you, sir. anyone else to address the board from the public? seeing none, i'd like to go back for a moment to what mr.
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gruberg said. and i appreciated mr. gruberg's comments about the last meeting t. was incredibly tense and there was a lot of anger in the room. my own understanding was -- i knew it was not on the agenda. i knew there were no taxi items on the agenda. and people who had seen the agenda would have known that, but a lot of people didn't know that and sat here for a long time waiting to speak at the end. so, i appreciate you suggesting like sort of resetting or starting over, trying to work together at this next meeting with all these items, three or four taxi items are on there. i'm sure you'll have time to present at all of those. thank you. >> if i could just ask that someone from staff follow-up with mr. corn gold and find out what corner of -- you'll take care of that. one of our professional drivers tells us an intersection is unsafe, i think we should look into it. >> [speaker not understood]. okay, thank you. next item. >> mr. chair, moving on to your consent calendar, these items are considered to be routine
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unless a member of the public or member of the board wishes to have an item severed and considered separately. for the record, mr. chairman, a member of the public has asked that item 10.2b relating to unmetered motorcycle parking on folsom street be severed as well as 10.7. be severed. in addition, staff needs to request that item 10.5 related to the workers' compensation contract be severed to request a substitute [speaker not understood] into your resolution. >> is there a motion on the consent calendar minus 10.2b, 10.5 and 10.7? >> yes. roberta moved it. >> second? >> we don't need one when she does it. >> all in favor say aye? >> aye. >> let's go back to 10.2b. severed the request by a member
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of the public. has to do with establish - unmetered motorcycle parking - folsom street, south side, from 78 feet to 106 feet east of 10th street. jackie bryson. >> good afternoon, ms. bryson. the print was in my row. [laughter] never kiss a frog. good afternoon, directors, and what a good looking and attentive group. i want to thank you for that. >> you can have extra time. go right ahead. [laughter] >> you're not the cutest guy up there, but thank you. [laughter] anyway, [speaker not understood] is really important -- >> [speaker not understood]. [laughter] i'm not going to tell you. anyway, i almost got derailed, but i didn't. the reason i need to have this item severed, and it has to do with the fax machine ate my homework. i followed the instructions on
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council's letter to me on checking friday, november 2 to make sure november 6 was going to happen and that this item was going to be on the agenda. so, i called and asked to have a copy of the agenda with the appropriate pages faxed to me. the fax machine ate the fax. i had to call back this morning because nothing came on monday. and i got the fax today. i got it this morning. i wanted to have an opportunity, but i needed something in hand to speak to the businesses which are going to be most impacted in my area and there are -- let's call it what it is, the psychiatric facility which is within ear shout of the noise that would happen from those motorcycleseses. we have people who are, in
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street lingo, not wound too tightly living in housing, including mine. i might even be one of those people. we need our peace and quiet, et cetera, but i didn't have the document to go and share. so, that's why i'm asking to have this severed so i have an opportunity. and i came in person, i owed you that much. >> thank you. mr. yee, can you -- thank you, madam, appreciate it. mr. yee, is there a problem bringing this back in a couple weeks? would it be a problem bringing it back the next meeting? >> good afternoon, mr. chairman, [speaker not understood]. this request for un-metered motorcycle spaces comes from a business on that block on the south side. and it's located, located here
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on folsom between 10th and 9th. and it's in front of a tavern and they do have demand for motorcycle parking. right now it's kind of distributed throughout the block. by doing this it will concentrate all the motorcycle parking right in front of their frontage to a business. this item took some time to come to fruition because the business owner had a nonfunctional driveway in front of the business. so, the first order of business, they had to replace it first with dpw and bring it up to current sidewalk standards before we can process the request. and i think the staff feels that by having this designated motorcycle parking area actually is beneficial to the block because it concentrates all the demand in front of their particular business and not have them scattered throughout the rest of the block. and i think the young lady who
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just spoke, bryson, i think it's on the other side of the block. this is a pretty busy street. so, the impact of the motorcycle parking space is in front of the tavern on the other side. and it should be pretty minimum. >> members of the board? >> one other item, we did hold a public hearing on this. so, the public had been notified of this proposed change. that was back in the middle of august. >> i have a question. mr. yee, how many motorcycle spots are we talking about? >> i think about three or four. it's pretty -- it just covers the frontage of the business with a little bit of [speaker not understood] on either end for clearance. >> okay. >> other members of the board, questions or comments? what is the pleasure of the board? >> i will go ahead and move the item. i feel that if there was a
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public hearing on it already and i do understand the concerns, but i feel like in this instance it has been in the works for quite a while and the owner of the business has put in a good faith request and done the work to get rid of the disused driveway that we should go ahead and move on it. >> is there a eked >> second. >> all in favor say aye? >> aye. >> opposed? it passes. item 10.5 5. >> would you like to hear from the member of the public first? we'll go to 10.7. authorizing the director to execute contract modification contract no. 12, 53rd street third street light rail station and portable utilities contract in the amount of $450,8 67 and extend contract duration 47 calendar days for final amount
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-- * authorizing the director to execute contract modification no. 20 to the contract no. 1250 third street light rail program, phase ii central subway - moscone station and portal utilities relocation contract in the amount of $450,867 and extend contract duration of 47 calendar days for a final amount of $11,968,150 and final duration of 505 calendar days. member of the public, amir [speaker not understood]. i regard in crescent way in san francisco. this action before you is unconscionable. it's the unilateral provision, unfair and unjust. it hasn't been reviewed by a neutral third-party. your project management team should not be allowed to use their position of power in dealing with a small business and impose the unilateral position on us without any third-party evaluation. during the course of this program i have always maintained this position that we are open to any type of
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alternate dispute resolution, whatever it be, partnering, arbitration, mediation, binding, nonbinding, anything. we even have a partnering consultant on board. their name is ibd global leadership alliance. many times they tried and we tried to sit down and try to resolve this issue amicably and bilaterally. every single point we were stonewalled by the project management team. they never scheduled nor attended any partnering session. all i'm asking is to have a third-party evaluation of this, whether it be in the form of partnering, which we do have a consultant on board already. am i out of time? thank you very much. that's all i'm asking. >> you have 30 seconds, sir. oh, i'm sorry.
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that's all i'm asking. just to be fair. that's imposing a position unilaterally. this action is a unilateral change order, and nobody but your project management team has looked at it. and several times again we've asked for arbitration, mediation, any source, any type of alternate dispute resolution [speaker not understood]. thank you so much. thank you for your time. >> are you going to speak to this one? good afternoon, sir. good afternoon, chairman nolan, directors. john [speaker not understood], central subway program director. during the execution of this contract work, the contractor encountered [speaker not understood] historic refuse collection containing various artifacts of archeological significance at multiple locations along the alignment. contract modification no. 20 before you addresses the mitigation efforts, the direct mitigation efforts due to the
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findings and adjust the final bid quantities to allow for the contract calls out to increase the contract amount by approximately $450,000 and increase the contract term by 47 calendar days. this modification represents sfmta's estimate of a fair and reasonable compensation for this additional work. in addition to these estimated costs, the contractor has indicated it is entitled to additional compensation of approximately $3 million for inefficiencies. sfmta staff has reviewed these additional compensation adz and has determined them to be without merit. now, today's action before you will not limit the contractor's right to pursue additional compensation and will only allow us to reimburse the contractor for the approximately the $450,000 of sfmta agreed to compensation for compensable work.
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now, while contract modification 20 is being issued unilaterally by the sfmta, it should be noted that the amounts contained in all previous contract modifications which total approximately $2.6 million were negotiated and mutually agreed upon by both the contractor and the sfmta. thank you. >> members have questions for him? what i understand you to be saying is all we're doing is authorizing the amount of money that you want to pay for these extra services. if at the end of the day the contractor deems that not to be sufficient, he could bring his own administrative action or say you guys haven't fully paid him for the work he's done? that's correct. >> so, we're not passing judgment whether this is enough. we're simply authorizing you to pay what you think is appropriate and if down the road this individual doesn't think it's enough, he still has a full set of recourses. yes, sir. >> thank you.
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members of the board, questions or comments? is there a motion? >> yes. >> that means yes -- [laughter] >> that's the legal term. >> i'll second. >> yep. >> yep. all members say aye? >> aye. >> [speaker not understood]? 10.7. >> this completes 10.5, authorizing -- authorizing the director to execute contract no. sfmta 2011/12 - 13 with intercare holdings insurance services, as a workers' compensation third-party administrator for an amount not to exceed $26,500,000, for a contract base term from november 16, 2012 to october 15, 2015, with an option to extend through october 31, 2017. director staff requests that the resolution be amended to replace the current whereas result clause with the following. and basically the intent is to change the contract term from november 16th to commence on
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november 1, and it clarifies that the sfmta is paying a certain dollar amount, not the total 26.5 million. the result clause reads as follows. that the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of directors authorizes the director of transportation to execute contract sfmta 2011-12 [speaker not understood] workers' compensation third-party administrator for both the sfmta and the department of human resources in a total amount not to exceed $26.5 million, of which the sfmta will pay $13,557,725 and the department of human resources will pay 12,94 2,27 5 for term november 12 to october 21st, 2015, to extend to 2017 at the city's total discretion. >> is there a motion to
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[speaker not understood] the amendment first? there is a motion. is there a second? >> second. >> further discussion, all in favor say aye? >> aye. >> opposed [speaker not understood]? it is amended. now on the amended resolution. any member of the public want to talk about this? >> no, mr. chairman. >> in that case -- >> this is pulled just for the amendment? >> yes. is there a motion on that? >> [speaker not understood]. >> second. >> all in favor say aye? >> aye. >> opposed? [speaker not understood]. thank you. >> the regular agenda item 11, presentation and discussion regarding the balboa park station area projects and expressing support in principle for the sale of the upper yard at the green division for reuse and directing the director to work with partner agencies to advance the sale of the property. >> okay, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, chair and directors. [speaker not understood].
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i'm going to walk through fairly quickly the balboa park [speaker not understood] update and attached to this update is a resolution that is before you which you'll be taking action on today. before i start the overview, i want to thank frank markowitz [speaker not understood]. they are coordinating all the different departments in the agency [speaker not understood] agencies in the city and regional transit agencies, et cetera, caltrans, to figure out what is the best way we can make this station, which is the busiest station outside of the downtown stations with access for all the different users, including all the different modes. in this analysis, we looked at the opportunity for the area as well from a land use perspective [speaker not understood] perspective. there is a really big
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opportunity and challenge in that everything is in this area and everything, once it [speaker not understood], everything from that facilities transportation needs and also growing community needs, and there is great access in this area. it's a wonderful nexus for a lot of people happening in this part of the city. we've gone through some recent accomplishments where we worked with our partners to improve stationary access. the key points in the station were very difficult to get from one point to the other and there are various projects underway that are in your packet and in the report. and in the [speaker not understood] itself, we really looked at what we can do in the near term and then what was more feasible in the midterm and long term as well. this also was integrated to the existing studies that happened in this area. there was a city planning department process where they developed a stationary plan for this area which really envisioned meeting all the
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disparate pieces here to create a unified neighborhood and the concept of a transit village which one of the parcels that will be talking about the resolution is part of. the key areas that we focused on in the analysis was some key areas of circulation particularly for the rail transit system, but also for the bus access as well. there was some disparate locations for the transit boarding on the various hubing of various lines. so, rationalizing that to make it more customer friendly and more user friendly, making it safer is what are some of the kia expects of this analysis. some key ones to highlight are the moving the end line platform and then making it actually work better in the intersection so that people can access the various modes. fixing that very narrow segment between the walkway, trying to make it more accessible and more comfortable to go through there.
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there is a list of cross-check improvements in your packet which looks at things we can do right now and over the next couple of years, which includes things like [speaker not understood] signage. many people don't noe how to get around the station. canopies for weather protection. sidewalk accessibility improvement, there's a lot of crosswalk access issues in this area. having better treatment so that there's more ways to access the area from a pedestrian perspective, a person in a wheelchair, [speaker not understood] transit rider, et cetera, et cetera, and then better access and egress for the transit itself. most of the projects are well and truly underway. some are going through design phases. those are in your packet. i won't take up too much time with that detail. we are looking at potential funding sources to close some of these gaps. supervisor avalos mentioned before there are tentative plans for some of these
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projects, but we really need to work together not just the mta, but with city partners and regional partners to figure out how to close these gaps because there are some funding gaps with some of these major projects. there are opportunities with some of the various funds that are listed with the life line funding, the one bay area grant opportunity and some of the property street funds that we can do maybe a ramp up the next round as well. and there are also some joint projects we're working together with bart. one of the things we've been trying to do is have more mixed up transit information that's multi-modal. not just for buses and for the muni, but for muni rail, but bart rail as well to get that going. and anything else that makes sense. we're building -- working with bart to build a pedestrian bridge that connects both stations together and creates a walkway that's free. you don't go any turn styles to walk through there. that will be a great boon for
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people to access both side of the system and be able to walk -- to move around as needed. here is an aerial view of the bart-muni improvement. most are making walkways to access them from the north part of the station to the south side. also some crosswalk improvements and key pieces which include transit platform improvements. lastly, the upper yard parcel that is part of the resolution, this is really a key piece of the transit village vision for the area. there is also a roadway adjacent to the upper yard parcel, which would be part of that, it is on bart property. or that combined, can actually provide an opportunity for transit development that makes sense for the area, they can work there. and more similar examples of --
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in the study itself, it looked at what can we do in the interim. there are opportunities to look at potential retail across one of the front areas of the facilities, especially on geneva avenue. that could improve customer amenities while they're waiting or while this they're in the accessing the area. obviously there is long-term development we need to go forward to make the transit development work and obviously the right [speaker not understood] to realize that vision. lastly, what we're doing, we've had extensive community outreach throughout this whole two-year process, two plus, i should say. we've worked very closely with supervisor avalos and his staff to make sure that we're accessing the community a little, all the different stakeholders in that area closely involved in the process. it's helped shape the project.
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and we recently worked with the transportation authority to secure a grant that will help us staff the balboa park supervisory committee which will be basically working to ensure that there is a regular update of all of the interim projects that are being delivered so that we can keep ourselves and the city on track to move forward. and lastly, before i close, there is a resolution in front of you that outlines the intent to move forward on the [speaker not understood]. and that concludes my presentation. i'm open for any questions. >> are there members of the public that wish to address -- >> mr. chairman, no member of the public turned in a speaker card regarding this item.
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>> would you like to speak about this? >> this is about balboa park. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, sir. i apologize for not filling out a speaker card. my name is charlie [speaker not understood] and i'm here representing people of environmental and economic rights, we're an environmental and economic justice organization. first off i want to say it's really exciting to hear about all the changes being put forward for the balboa park station. i think many folks in the community have been holding their breath for a long time to see the space safer for pedestrians to get through, for transit riders to navigate, and then also for [speaker not understood] affordable project community at that site. the community has been hard at work the last year envisioning and planning for an affordable housing development at that site with the support of the mayor's office of housing, community report was developed and i believe shared with all members of the board.
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and we know that the mta is not in the business of developing affordable housing, but it is sitting on a site that has been under utilized for a generation. and we urge you to move as fast as possible to transfer the site to the mayor's office of housing so that process of affordable housing can be developed as quickly as possible. thank you. >> thank you, sir. anyone else care to address the board on this? good afternoon [speaking through spanish interpreter] i just want to thank you for moving forward with this because i am a part of this community and a part of the family that will


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